Yeast Infection in Early Pregnancy?

I have NEVER had a yeast infection. After some googling and talking to a friend, that is what I have lol. Could It possibly be a sign of pregnancy? I have received one dose of the depo provera shot but it wore off by the end of October. I never got my second dose. My husband and I are sexually active almost everyday and since the end of November I have had terrible heartburn, headaches, nausea, fatigue, the whole kit and kaboodle. I took a pregnancy test in the beginning of December but it came up negative. As I have not had a period due to the Depo shot, I do not know if I tested to early. I’ve read on a baby site that Yeast infections are more prone in pregnant women, but I’m wondering, if I’m only a few weeks pregnant would I already be getting a yeast infection due to all the hormones going crazy? I’ve not been on Anti-biotics, as I know that can cause yeast infections.

I have two children and never had a yeast infection with either, but I know they CAN happen in pregnant women. I want to test again but Im still not sure if it is to early and if Yeast infections can even be considered a sign in early pregnancy.

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2 Responses to “Yeast Infection in Early Pregnancy?”

  1. akabln says:

    yeast infection is not a sign of pregnancy. you’re good bacteria is overtaking bad bacteria in your vagina. simply put

  2. Lauryl Hartnett says:

    A yeast infection was one of my first signs that I was pregnant again (and the crazy dreams).. I think if you have done a pregnancy test at the start of December than if you were pregnant it should show up now… So try taking another test!! Dont take anything for the yeast infection until it is confirmed whether you are pregnant or not, as some remedies may be dangerous for the health of the baby. You can try natural unflavoured yougurt or an external cream from the chemist to relive the itching. Also stay away from scented soaps when washing, and sometimes scented loo paper.. a PH neutral cleanser maybe a good idea..
    Good luck and I hope you get the results that you want…

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