Can Masterbating cause a Yeast Infection?

I’m hearing all these rumors about people masturbating and getting yeast infections a lot, but sometimes i think its a lie. I’m not quiet sure, so I’m wondering if its true in anyways. Is there any bad things about masturbating, or is it normal for a person?
Alsoo can Masturbating stop a woman/girls period ? o.o
It scares me a lot -.-”

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6 Responses to “Can Masterbating cause a Yeast Infection?”

  1. banana says:

    Don’t worry about a thing, you can only get an infection if your hands are dirty, or you have sharp fingernails and cut yourself.
    Yeast is a bacteria that is naturally always present in the vagina, but it can grow out of control and turn into thrush. This can occur when you wear tight synthetic clothing, which doesn’t allow air in. Or if you have an allergy to latex condoms, don’t bathe often, use vaginal wipes, etc etc. It just depends on how sensitive you are.
    Also, masturbating can bring-on a period.
    Don’t be scared. Its your body.

  2. ohhhh emily says:

    as long as whatever you are putting up there is clean, then you will be fine.

  3. Terry O says:

    Yeast infections are usually caused by excessive sugars in your diet, and you also need to keep sanitary, like washing with warm water and soap, but NOT excessively. Masturbating is normal behavior and will not affect your period.

  4. aaliyah s says:

    no it cant just make sureyour fingers are clean

  5. Dippy says:

    Yeast infections can be caused my many different things, including those that others here have already mentioned. Also, antibiotics are notorious for causing yeast infections. Just make sure that whatever you use to masterbate–fingers, toys, whatever–are clean.

    As far as I know, there is nothing bad about masterbating, and it’s perfectly normal. And, no, masterbating will NOT stop a period. In fact, studies have shown that if you masterbate to the point of orgasm, it will relieve cramps. So, you see, masterbating can be helpful.

  6. krystle579 says:

    yes it can cause yeast infections. check your local biology or microbiology book for details.

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