11 year old with a yeast infection?


11-year-old with a yeast infection ?

 Yes, 11 year olds and even very young children can get yeast infections.  Antibiotics are one of the number one causes of yeast infection in children antibiotics are made from fungi and can kill the good bacteria that kids need to stay healthy. 

 Yeast infections should be looked evaluated by a dr. However, antibiotics are often prescribed and can sometimes exaccerbate the problem. Try to treat the underlying Candida as well to prevent future problems.

To avoid yeast infection in children you want to strengthen the immune system and avoid things that would kill the good bacteria in the digestive system (such as lots of anitbiotics).  It is always a good idea to supplement their diet with probiotics after taking a round of antibiotics.

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11 Responses to “11 year old with a yeast infection?”

  1. Tumtum says:

    The OTC creams are fine for her, however my concern is that she is so young. I think it’s probably okay to treat this one yourself, but if she gets another one she should see a doctor. Unusual yeast infections (like very frequent, or in young girls), could be a symptom of diabetes. Hopefully it’s just a random occurrence, but if it happens again, definitely take her to a doctor! Good luck!

  2. mlgable says:

    She needs to be diagnosed by the doc. You cannot just self diagnose a yeast infection if she has never had one before. Yes an 11 year old or any age can use yeast infection cream. THose creams are the same ones used for jock itch and athletes foot. Because this is a first time infection and you cannot be sure what it is she needs to be seen by the doc.

  3. BabeHeart says:

    Take her to the doc. There are things that have symptoms of a yeast infection, but aren’t. She needs to be professionally diagnosed and I’m not sure if the typical meds would be appropriate (safe) for a child.

    I hope she’s not too miserable…those things are a DRAG!

  4. Aniqua says:

    You should take her into the dr’s.They always wanna diagnose it cause it could be something else.Usually you dont see that to much in younger girls but it can happen from wiping the wrong way to anything else but i would take her in just incase its not that.

  5. mysticshabs says:

    the best thing to do is to take her to her doctor. the other counter medications may be too strong for her.the doctor will prescribe something to suite her age range and that is not too strong.

    in the meantime she can wash with anti septic or biotic wash such as septol or detol to ease the effects of the infection. be sure to take her to her doctor as soon as possible to avoid any worse development of the infection.

    hope i helped.

  6. RNcalledEd says:

    The bacteria that causes yeast infections is resident in about 96% of all humans… It is an opportunist that strikes when the immune system is suppressed. Thus any age can be affected…

    As a first time victim of the yeastie bugs, she does need to be evaluated by an MD… I would suggest an OB/Gyn specialist rather than her pediatric or general practioner. In the future she will be able to self treat them, but the first needs a visit, no matter what the age..
    Best wishes,
    Ed, RN

  7. cheryl m says:

    PLEASE—NO—do not put anything in her—its ok—bubble baths cause yeast infections in little girls—colored crotch panties—powder—

  8. Noelle says:

    Take her to the doctor. Over the counter products only relieve symptoms like itching and discharge but the infection will still remain. The doc can give her meds to kill the bacteria

  9. grandios says:

    Not what you want to hear, but we were taught in school that you should always go to your doctor for the first time you think you have a yeast infection. Also – Sometimes the symptoms of a bacterial infection and a yeast infection can be very similar but require 2 different medicines to clear them up. It’s really good that you are being so supportive and that she can talk to you about these things.

  10. 28 woman says:

    Yes, she can use the over the counter products such as monistat. My daughter is 7 and has had a couple of yeast infections starting at age 3. The doctor said that some females just develop more candida (yeast) than others and told me to give her the over the counter meds. If that doesn’t work, I would take her to the doctor or see if the doctor can call in a medicine called Niastatin. They have prescribed this for her before for the yeast infections too. I do agree with the other person who said that yeast infections are a sign of diabetes so if she gets another one I would definitely let the doctor know. My daughter has had probablly three or four in the past 3 yrs. and is not diabetic. I did have to stop letting her take a bath. She only showers now and I watch what soaps she uses. Once she stopped taking sit down baths, her yeast infections did seem to become a little less common. I hope this helps you. Good luck! :)

  11. shannonlee05 says:

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